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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gould Rush Press Release

Press Release---------for immediate distribution March 5th  2013

Hamilton musician Dave Gould to tour Yukon schools.

The Artist in the Schools program is sending me to visit 11 Yukon community schools in 2 weeks.  In April, I am going to collaborate with Gordie Tentrees to perform and record a CD of improvised music that the audiences participate in creating.  Gordie is an award winning Yukon singer songwriter who works with the likes of Fred Penner, Mary Gauthier, Fred Eaglesmith and Bob Hamilton.

Students and audience members will be invited to jam along and have fun trying my nifty sound gadgets during the interactive performances.  I’m known for playing a toilet rigged for sound but there are too many logistics and security problems putting a toilet full of electronics on a plane.

To sculpt contrasting pieces of organized sound for the recording, I’m going to use a different approach in each community depending on their resources and environment.  For example, in Dawson city I may show them a silent video that they all respond to on the found sound oddities I give them.  In an isolated community I may record audiences trying to describe and play sounds from their community without the use of words. 

All the while, I will be conducting and improvising on my electronic contraptions.  I’ll be using an array home made sound gadgets with delays and loopers to create soundscapes.  Students will be encouraged to bring band instruments and unique objects to make sounds in non-idiomatic ways.

The end result will hopefully be a CD of 11 contrasting, improvised moments in time capturing the creativity of diverse northern communities.  The goal is to present the recordings to the schools so they can all hear each other’s contributions.

When I return to Hamilton, I will present the sounds with a performance at Homegrown Hamilton on May 16th.  I’ll have a fun slide and video show along with an interactive performance to demonstrate my findings.  I’ll bring my toilet to that show.

I am so excited to travel around the Yukon.  You can follow my adventures on where I will be sharing videos, stories and photos.

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