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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Here is the Letter that went to the community schools

I am very pleased to be coming to your school in April on the Artist in the Schools program.  I am a drummer and sound artist who creates strange music on found objects and home made electronic oddities.  Discovery, inclusion, interaction and community are front and centre in my presentations.

Here is what my :45 minute presentation might look like depending on your school’s resources:
I do a couple improvised pieces with a ruler, plumbing pipe and sound effects to set the expectations.  Then students may be invited to emulate similar ideas one at a time with objects given to them.  A video screen with a predetermined video may be shown to them while they respond to the images with sound.  I could set up a long sound pattern that repeats while I conduct the audience to discover and build on it.  The class may be asked to demonstrate the sound of their community without the use of words.

Each interactive performance will be audio recorded and provided at a later date for all the students to hear what each other’s schools sounded like.  There will be approximately 20 minutes for questions and observations at the end.

It would be very helpful in preparing everything for my visit to your community if you could answer as many of the following questions as you can.

1) Approximately how many students (numbers in age groups) and audience participants can I expect?
2) Can a projection video or big screen TV be supplied by the school and set up in the performance area?  I need to know what schools I will be able to use video from a DVD player.
3)Are there any aspiring musicians and uniquely creative students that you can tell me about?  Would they be interested in participating?  This can also include any parents and members of your community.  If so, please give a brief description.
4) Will I be allowed to video tape the performance?  Can you and/or a student be available for a quick interview following the performance?
5) Let me know if there are any band instruments (including any drums) and interesting sounding objects that you and your students might want to bring.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks for your time.  I am looking forward to meeting and creating something with your students and community.

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