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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Antlers, Jamming and Luggage

Woke up to yet another crisp, cold sunny day. They are experiencing a bit of a cold snap up here.

We were tourists today.  Went to the tourism office and grabbed a bunch of maps to where we are headed.  The people of the Yukon seem generally happy.  There is very little police presence and Churches are scarce.  The majority of the workforce is unionized by the Yukon Employees Union

We dropped in on Bernie and Pam Phillips.  They own and operate Historical Guest House BnB.  It is a rustic and quaint little spot nestled in an old part of Whitehorse.

Bernie plays elk antlers.  He used to tour with them in bands.  We had a little jam session and I plan to go back and hook him up to my pick up and effects system to get a real trippy recording.

Dave Haddock (not to be confused with Pollock) is a fantastic Yukon musician.  He has leant me his power amp for my Franken PA.  Here we are holding a bag of what would be Homegrown coffee.  Unfortunately all the coffee I brought to give to people  who help us along the way is somewhere in Calgary.  Dave hosts a super fun open jam at the Gold Pan.
During my performance a young couple from the USA thanked me for making them laugh their asses off and dropped $10 on the stage.  They were on a crazy road trip from Anchorage Alaska to Florida.  This was day 2.  "I think it's finally time to listen to the Americans!"

I started pulling apart my luggage to check for damage.  Gordie’s son, Jackson helped me out.  We had some fun discovering all the crazy sounds together. The parts I brought to fix the borrowed speakers won't fit without cutting the boxes a little.  I was wondering where I would find someone with a saw.  Then I realized that I brought 2 to play.  DUH!

Ric Taylor did a live radio interview with me on CFMU in Hamilton.  That was a blast.

Later we had an old school song swap and jam with Michael Averill and Gordie Tentrees until the wee hours.  I had a chance to try out my new saw playing skills.  Michael is on a journey of the Yukon revisiting and discovering his late father’s music.

When Air North delivered my luggage that they rescued from the evil clutches of Air Canada the young lad that packed his hatch back to the brim with our stuff was very helpful.  I noticed that there was damage to one of our cases.  He gave me his personal phone number and email to send him a picture for his boss.  He also told me exactly where he lived just in case I needed anything further.  Thanks to Air North for all their efforts to fix Air Canada’s incompetence.

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