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Friday, April 19, 2013

Hitchhiker, Bison dinner, Credits

Heading to Haines Junction

We were over 5 hours from Dawson on our way to Haines Junction on the Alaskan Highway and picked up, a young girl named ,“Lucie” .  She was from France.  She hated Paris.  Lucie was 5 months along hitchhiking around Canada farm woofing and couch surfing.  Turns out we crossed paths in Dawson at a party and a film festival two nights earlier.  Turns out Mary Clare and I also missed an amazing show of elusive northern lights the night after we left Dawson.  She asked us what we thought of the movie, “Into the Wild”.  We told her and dropped her off at a gas station in The Junction where she was immediately swept up by a trucker.  He was probably going all the way to Fairbanks, Alaska.
Mine is better

At the precise moment that I exclaimed, “Where’s my old truck in this town?” a blue and red 50’s GMC pickup, just like mine, emerged from between other part trucks with a sign in the back of it.

Jammin' with students and their awesome music teacher
The school in Haine’s has a music program.  We were welcomed in and introduced to everyone, including children.  They were just finishing up their community Bison dinner in the gym where I was to perform. 

A parent had bagged 2 Bison this winter and wanted to share the extra meat with the community.  While young and old consumed the beast stew, they were showing a movie of the parents skinning and bleeding it in the snow.  It reminded me that one of the teachers

They gave me all the musical instruments from their music room.  We jammed.  This presentation even smelled good.  One kid yelled out, “ You are amazing!”  Another, “Do you sell CD’s?”  to which I replied, “ Not very many.”  This school gave us permission to film their students.  (plug) I’ll put together a highlight reel for my show and tell presentation on May 16th at Homegrown Hamilton.

I can’t tell you about the mountains.  It was foggy and about to snow again on our trip back to Whitehorse.

Early morning flight back to Toronto. 

Our flight on Air North was, once again, a pleasure.  We were accompanied by over 20 high school aged girls from a dance team.  The two young lads at the front of the plane looked shell shocked and happy.

I discovered an amazing gluten free beer in the Edmonton airport.  It is Mongozo GF Pilsner.  It may be available in Ontario liquor stores this summer.  Ask for it by name and maybe they will get it in.  It’s really good.  But this is a first world problem.

Air Canada wouldn’t let me sit there and finish my movie at the end of the flight.

When I entered the humongous baggage terminal at the Toronto airport, I couldn’t help but think about the positive effect that a giant wall of art would have on people’s first impression of the city.  Right now it is projecting advertising videos on it’s walls.

Steve was there to pick us up to take us home.  I had to unpack my antlers to get them in the PT Cruiser.  It was raining and it was warm.  My garlic is 6” tall and it is 28 degrees outside.

It was a fabulous trip.  Both Mary Clare and I love the Yukon and want to thank all the wonderful people that helped us out along the way.  We are working with the folks in Dawson to go back and do more music with the community. 

Lynne Sofiak and the Community School Touring program for their support.  
Conrad Sichler for lending me the H4 digital recorder.
Lori Lemare for the video camera.
Doug, David and Jennifer for watching my home and cat.
Dave Haddock for the amp and Lynne Sofiak for the speakers
Charles, Barb and Ralph for putting us up.
Gordie Tentrees for encouraging and helping make this trip a reality.  Gordie not only helped with the application process but also leant us his van and house.

When I get my computer fixed, I'll put all the video and photo’s into a presentation/performance at Homegrown Hamilton on May 16th.

Thanks for reading my, "Yukon Gould Rush!" Blog


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