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Monday, April 15, 2013

More on Mayo, Carcross and Pelly's Crossing

No Vacancies
1st Show complete
North of 911
Smallest desert in the world -Carcross

Headed out of Whitehorse on Hamilton Rd. with the van full of gear.  Next stop was Carcross (Caribou Crossing) for the first show.  This town is beautiful.  Scattered with small quaint log houses and a tiny train, it is nestled on a gorgeous lake between huge snow capped mountains.  The show was a success.  I played their rock climbing wall.   One kid asked, "If we make a video of us playing the wall, will you come back?"

Stopped at Montanas for bean soup and fries and back to Whitehorse. This isn't the same Montanas as the franchise.   It's a service station with a deep fryer, wi-fi, grocery and off sales acohol.  In the Yukon, if you have a license to serve alcohol you may also be allowed to sell it like the liquor store would.  This way if people miss the short liquor store hours, they can get their case of beer at the off sales in the tavern for a couple more dollars than regular.  Kind of like legal bootlegging.

Back in Whitehorse I was disecting my show and retooling it for Pelly's Crossing when we found out that there were no vacancies in Mayo for the next 2 nights.  Call after call.  No billets.  No BnB.  Gordie didn't give up and eventually came through. He contacted a friend of a friend who knew someone who had a friend musician that stayed somewhere in Mayo.  We had a place to stay.  Then Gorie told us some horror stories about unknown digs while touring. Thanks Gordie.

Drove north for hours.  Trees went from everywhere to nowhere to birch bark to everywhere.  Every hour or so there was a sign dating the last forest fire.  Mountains went from full on snowcaps to Klondike foothills.  Next stop Pelly's crossing.  Another great school in Pelly.  I did a conducted improv piece with the kids. One kid asked if music had to rhyme.

After the show we realized that all our technology was letting us down.  The video camera wouldn't use the memory card and it's memory was full.  The computer was dead dead dead.  The still camera had a defective memory card.  We were a mess for documenting.  We met Donna Connolly in the staff room where we were making lunch and trying to download manuals.  She fixed us up big time. She took one look at our sorry faces and fixed all our technical woes.  She is a film maker and sits on the board for the Klondike music society.

The HWY comes to a T at the base of a mountain. Dawson is to the left and Mayo is to the right.  We headed right to Mayo.  It is also the hottest recorded place in the Yukon.

Town of Mayo is doing something right. Services and feel of this town is awesome.  The School is beyond reproach when it comes to it's design, environment, staff and principal.  I performed for the biggest age gap yet.  Gr. 1 to 12.  They nailed the improvised composition piece.  I can't wait to hear it.

We got locked out of the school because I let the gym door close behind me.  All the other doors were closed because there was rumour of a crazy lady in town.  The story goes:  A little while ago, a lady hitch hiked to Mayo from Ottawa.  She was on a mission to save a child. She walked right into the school and started feeling the walls and stuff.  Eventually she ended up in Nunavut where a Dr. institutionalized her.  She was seen back in town the day we arrived so they locked up the school.  I asked how often that has happened.  They said never.

We went to the Mayo dump in search of bears and ended up seeing 2 bald eagles.

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