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Friday, April 5, 2013

Crazy Day! Luggage Found and Bar Hopping!

Crazy Day!
Hockey game
Bar hopping
Luggage found in Calgary

Beautiful sunny day.  Loving it up here.
We met up with +Dave Haddock who has graciously leant me a power amp to use for two weeks.  Had a sweet time getting to know him at Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters.  They are Yukon’s version of Homegrown but just coffee.  Great place.

Dave also runs a weekly jam at the Old Gold Pan bar.  I played and jammed.  What a blast.
Air North found our luggage in Calgary.  Air Canada lost our luggage between their own flights.  They are INCOMPETENT!!!!!!!!!!  I have had to cancel my first show because the earliest they can get it to us is Friday evening.

+Gordie Tentrees took me cross country skiing on the finest groomed trails I have ever been on.  He also took us to his son’s hockey game.  He is six.  OMG.  It was so much fun.

I met a great artist traveling the Yukon.  We played together. His name is +Mike Averill.  We are doing a house concert on Sunday. 

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