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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

I have made it to Toronto.  Mary Clare's neighbour Steve will drive us to Pearson at 4:30AM.  Our bags are packed and only a few pounds below the allowed limit.

Here is the drama so far:

The PA that was available for me to use for the two week tour has been blown.  Yukon music stores want $225 rental for each powered speaker. (It is $30 each in Hamilton)  It will cost me $300 to ship one.

I put an APB out to the North.  The generous people in Whitehorse responded.  Dave Haddock has an old amp in storage but no speakers.  Barbara Chamberlin has offered the speakers in her shed but they need repair. I sourced and purchased the parts needed after visiting 6 specialty suppliers from hamilton to Toronto.  The first thing on my agenda when we hit Whitehorse is to find Barbara and fix her speakers.  That will be my rental fee.  Good trade.

I also have been talking to Bernie Phillips.  He is Debbie and Art Carnage's uncle.  He play's antlers.  When I got him on the phone he said, "You are talking to the world's only antler player."  I said," You are in good company my friend, you are talking to the world's greatest toilet player."  I hope to meet up with him and record a bone jam.

Our Yukon friend and contact, Gordie Tentrees (who has been very instrumental in making this tour possible) has been called away by a family emergency.

Now if my luggage that is filled with oddities including hand saws, a giant bone, bird shot and a carbide circular saw doesn't trigger a security guard with a vivid imagination, we will be in Whitehorse tomorrow afternoon.  I am practicing the line, "Yes sir, I am touring the Yukon on a performance grant.  These items are government sanctioned. If you have a problem, you need to contact the department of artistic affairs and if you hold us up you may be responsible for financial damages incurred.  Now give me my bone back. I have a plane to catch."

Tonight: A glass of wine and fish dinner with my travelling sweetheart, Mary Clare.

(Each Tuesday I will be calling in to the Open Jam at Homegrown Hamilton to fill everyone in live.  Maybe jam live from the Yukon)

(Ric Taylor contacted me.  We are going to do a live call in interview on his Lullabies in Razorland radio show on Friday evening.  More details to follow)


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