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Friday, April 19, 2013

Wildlife sanctuary and noisy bridge

The area around the town of Teslin is a National Wildlife sanctuary for it’s abundance of it.  Snow capped mountains on the horizon, lakes and young girls handing out flowers.  We drove over the super noisy metal Nisutli river bridge.  It is so noisy we crossed it three times to record the rhythms each way.  The school there didn’t have a music program.  At the end of my presentation, they all lined up to try my, “Texas Twister”.

When Mary Clare and I bought snacks and souvenirs at the Nitsuli Trading Post during school hours, the (apx) 8 year old boy cashed us out while his (apx)16 year old sister gave Mary Clare a rose.  Entering the parking lot there was a young retro hipster couple on their way from Colorado to Alaska in an all original 1940’s beige coupe of certain make.  

We drove out of Teslin as soon as we could because we didn’t want to miss the Whitehorse closing hour of 6pm.  

Sometimes I wonder what creates such a huge contrast of spirit and feel from town to town.  Sometimes I wonder about noise pollution and it’s effects.

When we tell people we are going to Haines Junction the universal response is, “Oh. You’re going to love the Junction!” That’s our next and final show.

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